Covid, Anxiety, And Being Confused

The whole time we have been in a pandemic, I have NOT been scared of getting covid. Me, the person with bad anxiety, horrible panic attacks, and of course let’s not forget about my OCD, not afraid of a pandemic? Well, that was untill recently.

I usually worry about everything. It’s really hard to believe that I wasn’t worried about getting covid. But that has now changed.

Here’s what has been going on in my mind the past few weeks…..

It’s A Little Confusing

I’m confused.  The vaccinated are still getting covid, AND they are still able to spread it.

A little confusing

The non-vaccinated are still getting covid, AND they are still able to spread it.

Some vaccinated people blame it on the non-vaccinated…..


And some non-vaccinated people blame everyone…….even the vaccinated.

I’m Confused

Did you get the vaccine?….Did you not get the vaccine? Should you get it? Should you not? Does it make a difference? Or does it not?

Some people say yes it makes a difference, and some say no it does not.

Some people feel that there’s no point of getting the vaccine because they might still get sick.

Some schools now allow the kids to sit next to each other and there are no longer plastic shields surrounding their desks. They DO need to wear their masks, but only While In Class.

I’m Confused

While the kids are out on the playground, or while at lunch, NO masks are required and social distancing is NOT reinforced.

I’m Confused

Confused yet? I am!

Some people are getting very sick and need hospital attention while others barely have any symptoms.

Some people have died from covid and some have died from the vaccine.

It’s all so confusing

I’m sure for those of you that don’t struggle with anxiety it may leave you confused. When you DO have anxiety let me tell you, it is confusing but also extremely scary.

So what do you do? Do you keep living in fear of the unknown? Do you take that chance with whatever decision you make and pray for the best? The choice is yours. But here is what I am going to do…..

I’m going to put my faith over my fear. I’m going to live each day and I’m going to continue to find my joy. Of course I’m still worried, scared, and on some days nervous and terrified. But I have horrible anxiety and it’s something I have to live with. I can live each day in fear or I can take each day as a blessing and pray for the best. The choice is yours and whatever choice you make I wish you the best. Don’t let fear stop you from finding your joy.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, Reach Out, Speak Up, And Ask For Help. Nobody should go through it alone.

Have a wonderful weekend.



11 thoughts on “Covid, Anxiety, And Being Confused

  1. I want to live. We aren’t guaranteed to be here forever. I got the juice because I take care of my elderly parent and was concerned for her. She’s at the age for problems.

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  2. My husband and I got the Pfizer vaccine back in March. Neither of us had any ill effects from it. I wasn’t too keen to get it, but my husband has many serious chronic health conditions, and I didn’t want to be the one to give it to him. If he had gotten covid, it would have most likely killed him.
    I’ve read all the things you speak of too, but am convinced I did the right thing getting the vaccine. I would rather die myself than be the cause of someone else’s death, and by getting the shot, I believe i have done all I can to prevent that from happening.

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