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Funny Story

I have been using Facebook for many years. It’s the only social media site that I know how to use without having to ask others for help. I post on my personal page quite regularly.

I’m not sure about other social media sites, but Facebook has a feature that notifies you of posts that you created in previous years. The reminders go all the way back to when you first started using Facebook. So for me, about 12 years.

I absolutely love this feature. I get reminders of pictures I posted from special occasions and I get reminders of things I wrote many years ago. I can’t remember every post or story I tell especially if it was several years ago so getting these reminders from Facebook always brings back awesome memories and special moments that I sometimes have forgotten.

Below is one of those wonderful memories. When it came up in my notifications box I instantly smiled, laughed, and laughed some more. It’s about a conversation I had with my son. He was 5 at the time and wanted to know how babies were made. 

Below is that special memory. I wanted to share it with you because even today, 7 years later, it still makes me smile. Maybe it will make you smile too.


My son: “Mom, you and daddy made me?”
Me: “Yes we sure did”
My son: “Did you use nails?”
Me: “Huh?”
My son: “What tools did you use to build me?”
Me: ” Honey that was 5 years ago, mommy don’t remember.”
My son: “You don’t remember building me?”
Me: ( I figured this was the time to change the subject) “Look its pizza day at school!!”
My son: Can I get chocolate milk at lunch?”

I wasn’t sure where our conversation was going to end up, I definitely didn’t want to explain to much to a 5 year old on how babies were made. So with fast thinking, I quickly changed the subject to pizza. Whew, pizza to the rescue. Lol

If Facebook hadn’t sent me the notification for that memory, I probably would have  forgotten about that talk with my son. But thanks to Facebook, the memories have become clearer and I remember more details, such as trying so hard not to laugh. I remember my son had such a serious look on his face. His sweet innocent self honestly believed he was “made” with household tools. As much as I wanted to laugh I knew I had to hold it in as to not hurt his feelings.

Hope you enjoyed this weekly smile. I also want to say thanks to Trent for introducing me to the weekly smile prompt. You can find Trents weekly smile here.

Have a wonderful week.


Published by WebbBlogs

Just learning how to enjoy life with ocd. My mental health has been interfering with my daily activities for far to long and now that Im 50 its about time I start enjoying life and taking chances.

16 thoughts on “Funny Story

  1. oh those memories. When my son was in preschool the class took a field trip to a local, small wildlife refuge. At one point there was a pair of zebra that um, got frisky. We parents tried to distract them by saying they were trying to play leap frog.

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      1. I found a photo I had taken many years later and was talking with my son about that day. He just laughed it off, but of course he was late teens early twenties then so big difference.

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