Checking In/Kids Birthday/Long Drive

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend is going great so far. I realized it’s been about a week or so since my last post, and since I don’t want any of you to forget who I am, I figured I better do a check in.

My youngest son turned 13 last week.  I can’t believe how fast time flies. It really does seem to go by quickly. My baby is now a teenager. I let him pick what he wanted to do for his special day. Normally we have a little party but this year he wanted to plan his own day.

And so our day began…..

First we went out for breakfast.  Just the 2 of us. I honestly can’t remember the last time it was just me and him at a restaurant.  It was actually quite nice and I really enjoyed our conversations. Our special mom and son time. It made me feel really good  knowing my son was also having a good time with me.

Our next stop was Starbucks. My sons choice of course. I grabbed a fruity drink, which my son ordered for me, because honestly I have no idea how to order half of that fancy stuff on their menu. He pick out a good choice for me and it was really refreshing. With our drinks in hand, we set out on a country drive to the beautiful town of Knights Ferry, population 100.

The drive to Knights Ferry is beautiful, especially this time of year while everything is still green. But, its still a longer drive then I normally would do. I haven’t been that far from home in a few years because of my anxiety. But my son has been asking me to take him for a while now, and since it was his birthday, I had to at least give the drive a try.

Of course I didn’t get to far before the worrying set in. (Honestly I was surprised my anxiety didn’t act up while we were out having breakfast.) But soon as I realized we would be heading out of town, thats when my mind started worrying.  I was worried about having a panic attack while out on that long stretch of country highway. All the “what if’s” kept popping in my mind. What if I have a panic attack?  What if I pass out? What will my son do alone, far from home, and far from other people? The highway we had to take is very quiet.  Not much traffic during the week day. I kept picturing myself passed out on the side of the road while my son was left figuring out what to do.  I know this might sound a little silly to some of you but those are the thoughts that run through my mind. The mind of someone who deals with anxiety.

I pulled over, turned the car off, and looked over at my son. I was about to tell him I couldn’t do it. But before I could say it, he began talking. Apparently he could tell by the look on my face that my anxiety was bothering me. He started off by reminding me that I was ok. He pointed out all the times I have gotten through it in the past.  He also reminded me that he was 13 and if there was an emergency he was well over the age of knowing how to call for help.

Even though I am very open about my mental illness with my kids, I still try to hide it when I’m scared. I try not to let them see me worried. So I somehow put my brave face on and acted like I was ok. I acted like it wasn’t that bad. But deep down I knew it could get that bad, if I let it. If I let it. So with my brave face on, and my smart, caring 13 year old sitting near, I started up the car and got back on that country highway.

Knights Ferry: Knights Ferry is a small historic town with some pretty amazing scenery. Theres several monuments that are still standing after many many years, such as the bridge and flour mill. I believe the bridge has been standing since the 1800s. Theres many different trails to venture out on and so much nature to enjoy.

If your interested in the gold mining days, and want to know more about the history on Knights Ferry You can read about it here.

Below is the famous bridge.  Back when I was a kid the bridge was not covered.  Yes, I have been going to Knights Ferry since I was very young. I have watched many many people dive off that bridge into the cold water. I guess it was the thing to do back in the 80’s. I never seen anyone get hurt but I have heard many people have. That might be why it is now boarded up. No more diving off the bridge but you are still able to walk across and peak through the wooden cracks and the beautiful scenery.

The bridge in Knights Ferry
Knights Ferry

My youngest son has been asking me to take him to Knights Ferry for over a year now. I kept putting it off, to scared of having a panic attack. But since starting my blog I have been working hard on my mental health and learning how to live a more enjoyable life. I have been setting little goals and taking baby-steps. But taking my son to Knights Ferry has been a bigger goal of mine. One that has taken me a year to achieve.

But, I did it. I set this goal and I did it. I am very proud of myself.

We spent a couple hours walking around and taking in the fresh air. We walked and talked and spent some quality time together. It was wonderful.

Later back at home, we had a pizza birthday party with family. My son didn’t want a huge party so we kept it small. It was perfect. He had a good time and looked happy, which of course made me happy.

I know I have a long way to go when it comes to my mental health. I know my anxiety will act up again, and I know I will have a panic attack again. I also know my ocd will always be around. But I also know that I am capable of enjoying life. I tend to forget that. I tend to forget that I can still lead a happy life while suffering with mental issues. Not every day is going to be easy, and not every day is going to be hard.  I am slowly starting to realize this. I am taking chances, slowly accomplishing my goals, and slowly learning how to live with my mental illnesses. One day at a time.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

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Just learning how to enjoy life with ocd. My mental health has been interfering with my daily activities for far to long and now that Im 50 its about time I start enjoying life and taking chances.

27 thoughts on “Checking In/Kids Birthday/Long Drive

    1. Thank you 😊. I actually don’t have anxiety about driving its more about being far from home. But I was able to do it and had a wonderful time 😁😁


  1. Your son is amazing. My baby bro is similar and is 22 now lol 😬. He’s the only person I felt true humanity from in my close family and one of three in extended family! So I find this story quite remarkable and heartwarming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you RoBIN. I have always been open about my mental health with all 3 of my boys. They are all very understanding and whenever I need them they are always available. I am truly blessed to have such amazing kids. Well they aren’t really kids anymore, 13, 26, and 28 lol but they are all my babies lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You really are.

        This is interesting, the age gaps between your children are exactly the same as with my siblings, except we have an additional one 4 years after the 2nd (I am 2nd). Despite being so young my youngest bro was the one who looked out for me haha, in return for being carried everywhere as a toddler πŸ˜…. The big gap creates some disadvantages and advantages.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. My oldest son was 16 years old when his little brother was born. 🀣🀣 I am probably the oldest parent at my youngest sons school.😁😁

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha! Yeah my mum was 40. It was a total surprise, I was so used to my number of siblings and then suddenly gaining another one was amazing. I still remember my parents telling me at breakfast and telling my friend. And people would ask me if I was my bro’s dad sometimes :D.

        But having said that, my best friend of 2 years is 27 and has parents in 60s and 80s! So there is always someone to put it into a new perspective…!

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  2. I always enjoy reading your blog. I love the honesty in your writing, there is never shame in being who we are. We each our beautiful and unique in our own ways. It’s what makes our world so great, all those different personalities and people here. What a great memory you gave as a gift to your little man. They do grow so fast. Happy belated birthday to your son. Thank you for sharing a part of it with us too, how beautiful it is where you live.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read your comment on my other post and then seen this one. Both comments really touched me. Your words are inspiring and seem so sincere. You just brightened up my day. Thank you so much πŸ’–


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