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Checking In/ Weekly Smile

Hello everyone hope your week is starting off wonderfully.

I woke up a bit chilly this morning. Time to turn that heater on again. I don’t really like to use it because by the afternoon the weather is warm and I regret turning up the heat. is what it is. 😁

Anyway, I haven’t been on much the past week or so. If you noticed I commented back a little late that is why. I don’t have any major reasons for not being active on here. Just been a little bit busier than usual and my laptop has been making some rather strange noises lately.

It is Thanksgiving week. If you celebrate, do you have any special plans? Special traditions?

Every year we all gather at my parents house. We have done this ever since I can remember. But this year we are going to my sons house. My immediate family all live within a few miles of eachother so its not much of a difference drive wise.

Celebrating at my sons and daughter in laws house is something we decided to do just a few days ago. My mom passed the tradition on to them this year. They have a bigger house and there is more to do for the kids.(My apartment is to small) It doesn’t matter to me where we have Thanksgiving as long as we are all together.

I love celebrating Thanksgiving. Being with family, remembering to be thankful, and eating turkey all make me smile.

For more on The Weekly Smile, Head on over to Trent’s page 😀

Hope you have a fabulous week and an amazing holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving,



Published by WebbBlogs

Just learning how to enjoy life with ocd. My mental health has been interfering with my daily activities for far to long and now that Im 50 its about time I start enjoying life and taking chances.

5 thoughts on “Checking In/ Weekly Smile

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you in advance. It’s so lovely to know that you will be visiting your son and daughter-in-law for the Thanksgiving. In India, other than Christians, we normally do not celebrate Thanksgiving but often visit our dear ones during festive season or the summer holidays. I love the concept of celebrating Thanksgiving, whether, Christian or not. ‘I. Think we all should be thankful to God for creating a beautiful world and beautiful human beings like you, very sweet and adorable. 🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️

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  2. This year it’s just my sister, my dad, and I. The rest of the family is getting together across the state. Hopefully next year we will all be together again on Thanksgiving. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Christina

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