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500 Milestone

Wowza 500 followers!!!! Oh my goodness I am so excited.  Thank you so so much!!! I can’t believe I reached this huge milestone.  I know not everyone actually reads my posts but I also know that some of you do and that means so much to me. Thank you! Have a fantastic weekend


Happy Easter/Checking-In

Good afternoon blogging friends and Happy Easter! Its time for my weekly check-in. Things have been rather mellow and productive this week. I can honestly say its been an enjoyable week. It’s not very often I can put “mellow” and “productive” in the same sentence, and then to have “enjoyable” in with it, well thatContinue reading “Happy Easter/Checking-In”

Bringing In The New Year With OCD Pt. 1

Every year around this time  I hear tons of people excitingly discuss their plans to bring in the new year. Some have gatherings at their homes, some go out to clubs, while some prefer to stay home and treat it as any other ordinary day. And then there is me. As most of you alreadyContinue reading “Bringing In The New Year With OCD Pt. 1”