Things I Think About

Do you ever just sit and wonder about people? Wonder what goes on in their lives? What goes on in their head? What are they thinking? Are they worried? Scared? Nervous? Or are they excited and happy? I know it may seem a little strange, but I am guilty of this. Very very guilty. IContinue reading “Things I Think About”

13 Years Clean!

Hello everyone, hope you had an amazing week. I haven’t done anything to exciting but I do have some wonderful news to share with you. I am now another year clean! Bringing the total to 13 years! 13 YEARS CLEAN! I am super proud of myself and wanted to share this fantastic news with everyone.Continue reading “13 Years Clean!”

My Journal/ Ocd

Repost worth sharing again. I came across a journal I wrote years ago. I remember being very hesitant keeping a journal of my ocd because only my doctor and a few other people knew about it at the time. I was terrified someone would find it so I hid that book and checked on itContinue reading “My Journal/ Ocd”

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