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Things I Think About

Do you ever just sit and wonder about people? Wonder what goes on in their lives? What goes on in their head? What are they thinking? Are they worried? Scared? Nervous? Or are they excited and happy? I know it may seem a little strange, but I am guilty of this. Very very guilty. IContinue reading “Things I Think About”

The Casino And My Dang Ocd

Re-Post Sharing Again Back when my anxiety wasn’t as bad as it is now I use to be able to take about an hour drive before the fear would kick in.  An hour was about my limit, my anxiety wouldn’t allow me to go much further.  I have never been one to enjoy long carContinue reading “The Casino And My Dang Ocd”

What Is OCD?

Re-Post I wrote this a while back but wanted to share it again.. First off, I am not a medical professional.  What you are reading is what I have either personally researched or have personally gone through. I decided to write about this because I recently relized that not many people know what OCD is. Also, IContinue reading “What Is OCD?”

Covid, Anxiety, And Being Confused

The whole time we have been in a pandemic, I have NOT been scared of getting covid. Me, the person with bad anxiety, horrible panic attacks, and of course let’s not forget about my OCD, not afraid of a pandemic? Well, that was untill recently. I usually worry about everything. It’s really hard to believe thatContinue reading “Covid, Anxiety, And Being Confused”


Re-post I originally posted this a few months back but wanted to share it again. TRIGGER WARNING  Details of an attack  ⚠️ Last night it happened again.  Why does this keep happening and why can’t I prevent it from happening again? I was tired but relaxed, wearing my comfy pajamas and watching a kids showContinue reading “ANOTHER PANIC ATTACK”

My Journal/Ocd

Repost worth sharing again. I came across a journal I wrote years ago. I remember being very hesitant keeping a journal of my ocd because only my doctor and a few other people knew about it at the time. I was terrified someone would find it so I hid that book and checked on itContinue reading “My Journal/Ocd”