Just Saying Hi

Hi blogger buddies, I hope everyone’s week went by smoothly and safely. It’s already Friday, I can’t believe how fast my week went by. Today and tomorrow we are expecting temperatures in the 100s…..wowza, its a hot one here. My plans for the next couple of days definitely will be indoors where the air conditionerContinue reading “Just Saying Hi”

Weekly Check-In

Hello everyone, hope your all doing well and enjoying your Saturday. My week started off bumpy.  My teenager has covid, 6 days later and he is finally feeling better. Still sick, but much better. We have never had covid, and he got it pretty bad. So far I feel fine, but I’m not in theContinue reading “Weekly Check-In”

Weekly Check-in/ Lending An Ear

Good morning everyone.  Hope your all doing well and enjoying your day. Things have been a little bit off for me lately.  I have been going through some ups and downs mentally, emotionally, and financially. On top of that, I have been feeling “blah” again and I am not liking it. A Little About MeContinue reading “Weekly Check-in/ Lending An Ear”

Checking In/Share Your World

Hello everyone hope your enjoying your weekend. Today I am participating in  Share Your World where I will be answering the questions below. If you would like to join please  click the link above for more info. And now for the questions: Which traditional Valentines Day gift would you rather receive? Chocolates, flowers, or aContinue reading “Checking In/Share Your World”

Checking In

Just checking in and saying hello on this beautiful Monday. How’s everyone doing today? Hope your weekend went by smoothly, safely, and stress-free. We are having some pretty nice weather here in California. I actually went out and enjoyed some of that sunshine for a bit. Didn’t stay out long but a little is betterContinue reading “Checking In”

Helping An Addict

A few years back while out picking up some groceries, I noticed a woman in the store that looked familiar. I couldn’t figure out who she was but I was positive I knew her. I kept thinking about her while I was doing my shopping. Who was she? I was driving myself crazy with frustrationContinue reading “Helping An Addict”

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