Checkin In/Weekly Smile

Hello again hope all is well in your part of the world. It’s that time again when I participate in Trent’s Weekly Smile . Head on over to Trent’s page for all the info. How is everyone’s week going? Mine has been filled with hotness. Not the hotness that I want though, I’m talking aboutContinue reading “Checkin In/Weekly Smile”

Nightmares/Night Terrors

Re-Post This morning I got woken up by my pre-teen son, he was yelling at me.  Not yelling to be rude or disrespectful, he was yelling to wake me up. I was doing it again. I was screaming in my sleep. I was, once again having another nightmare. Not just any ordinary nightmare either.  IContinue reading “Nightmares/Night Terrors”


Hello my blogging buddies hope all is well in your part of the world. So the other day I wrote that I was taking a little break from blogging. I actually started my break before I wrote that post, so officially my break was a couple weeks ago. I needed a mental “re-charge” from life.Continue reading “Hello/Checking-In”

Share Your World/Answering Questions

Hello everyone hope your Monday is starting off wonderfully. Today I am participating in Melanie’s Share Your World AND NOW FOR THE QUESTIONS…. What do you think it means to be healthy? Being healthy to me means eating right and getting exercise. Both of which I do not do, but I am working on it.Continue reading “Share Your World/Answering Questions”

Weekly Check-In/Weekly Smile

Good morning everyone, I hope your week has been wonderful. As for mine, well, here is my weekly check-In. Actually, let me take you back to what led up to my week. About 8 months ago, I had a routine physical with my doctor.  Everything was going fine until she mentioned that she wanted meContinue reading “Weekly Check-In/Weekly Smile”

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