Checking In/Kids Birthday/Long Drive

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend is going great so far. I realized it’s been about a week or so since my last post, and since I don’t want any of you to forget who I am, I figured I better do a check in. My youngest son turned 13 last week.  I can’t believeContinue reading “Checking In/Kids Birthday/Long Drive”

My Addiction Story

I posted this awhile back but figured I would share it again. It was a complete shock to everyone when I started using.  I was the “good girl”, the one people were proud of for never getting involved with drugs. I had managed to get through my teenage years and my 20’s without using, soContinue reading “My Addiction Story”

Weekly Check-in/ Lending An Ear

Good morning everyone.  Hope your all doing well and enjoying your day. Things have been a little bit off for me lately.  I have been going through some ups and downs mentally, emotionally, and financially. On top of that, I have been feeling “blah” again and I am not liking it. A Little About MeContinue reading “Weekly Check-in/ Lending An Ear”

Checking In/Share Your World

Hello everyone hope your enjoying your weekend. Today I am participating in  Share Your World where I will be answering the questions below. If you would like to join please  click the link above for more info. And now for the questions: Which traditional Valentines Day gift would you rather receive? Chocolates, flowers, or aContinue reading “Checking In/Share Your World”


Originally posted on Avocadoable This is a re-blog definitely worth sharing. Lots of helpful tips, I highly recommend checking it out. A lot of people ask themselves “Why do I overthink?” and never come up with an answer. But stress and worry are emotions – and you can control your emotions. As Tony Robbins says, “LetContinue reading “HOW TO STOP OVERTHINKING”

Another Anxiety Story

I have written about anxiety before.  I have even written about some of the things below.  I am writing about it again because I know someone out there has been through it or knows someone that has. Someone out there needs to know they are not alone. The Strange Feeling In My Head Many yearsContinue reading “Another Anxiety Story”

Bringing In The New Year Pt 2

Earlier I posted on how I usually spend my new years eve. I am hoping this time will be different. I am hoping this time I can make it to midnight without repeating happy thoughts. I spent most of my evening like I usually do. I started getting worried as time went by, I startedContinue reading “Bringing In The New Year Pt 2”

Stats Do They Matter?

I usually don’t pay much attention to how many followers I have or the stats on my posts. But out of curiosity I do check it from time to time. The other day was one of those times. A couple bloggers that I follow had posted their current stats, which then made me curious asContinue reading “Stats Do They Matter?”


I read this post last night over at I highly recommend anyone that has addiction in their life, whether your the addict or you know someone, to read the following re-blog from Joseph’s page. When your done, don’t forget to check out some of his other great posts. He writes from experience and sharesContinue reading “Addicts/Addiction”

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