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Hello/Weekly Smile

Hello everyone hope you all are having a safe and smooth week. My week was actually quite nice.  Our weather has cooled down to the lower 80’s, a pleasant surprise because I thought it was going to be in the upper 90’s for another week. My teenage son has been asking me to take himContinue reading “Hello/Weekly Smile”

Ocd Awareness Month

Hello everyone hope your all doing well. This past week I have been a little busy dealing with mental and physical health issues. Its been a hard week but I know it will be worth it. October is Ocd Awareness Month, and I had a post planned that I wanted to share but decided toContinue reading “Ocd Awareness Month”

Weekly Smile and A Frozen Cupcake

Hello everyone hope your Monday morning is going smoothly. We have had some really warm weather this summer, but the past two days has been cloudy with a few sprinkles. I am really hoping for a down pour today because we really need it. Plus I love the rain. Yesterday I was at my parentsContinue reading “Weekly Smile and A Frozen Cupcake”

Checking In

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Last month I wrote about my mental re-charge and the steps I was taking in order to feel better/get better. One of those steps was meeting with my family doctor and going over my mental health concerns. I already see aContinue reading “Checking In”


Hello my blogging buddies hope all is well in your part of the world. So the other day I wrote that I was taking a little break from blogging. I actually started my break before I wrote that post, so officially my break was a couple weeks ago. I needed a mental “re-charge” from life.Continue reading “Hello/Checking-In”

Mental Health

I have had ocd since I was around 13, I am now 51. The doctor actually diagnosed me with severe ocd. Severe sounds so severe. But it doesn’t stop there, I also have horrible panic attacks and anxiety. Living with these mental illnesses is not easy. My mind is never quiet. It is always thinking,Continue reading “Mental Health”

Saying Hello/Panic Attack

In yesterday’s post Checking In, I shared about reaching a goal and not letting my anxiety interfere with my sons birthday plans. I was feeling good, actually quite proud of myself for pushing myself and the thoughts aside so I could continue on with my drive. I felt wonderful.  The whole week felt amazingly satisfying.Continue reading “Saying Hello/Panic Attack”


This morning I got woken up by my pre-teen son, he was yelling at me.  Not yelling to be rude or disrespectful, he was yelling to wake me up. I was doing it again. I was screaming in my sleep. I was, once again having another nightmare. Not just any ordinary nightmare either.  I haveContinue reading “Nightmares/Terrors”