Originally posted on Avocadoable This is a re-blog definitely worth sharing. Lots of helpful tips, I highly recommend checking it out. A lot of people ask themselves “Why do I overthink?” and never come up with an answer. But stress and worry are emotions – and you can control your emotions. As Tony Robbins says, “LetContinue reading “HOW TO STOP OVERTHINKING”

Bringing In The New Year Pt 2

Earlier I posted on how I usually spend my new years eve. I am hoping this time will be different. I am hoping this time I can make it to midnight without repeating happy thoughts. I spent most of my evening like I usually do. I started getting worried as time went by, I startedContinue reading “Bringing In The New Year Pt 2”

Covid, Anxiety, And Being Confused

The whole time we have been in a pandemic, I have NOT been scared of getting covid. Me, the person with bad anxiety, horrible panic attacks, and of course let’s not forget about my OCD, not afraid of a pandemic? Well, that was untill recently. I usually worry about everything. It’s really hard to believe thatContinue reading “Covid, Anxiety, And Being Confused”

My Journal/Ocd

Repost worth sharing again. I came across a journal I wrote years ago. I remember being very hesitant keeping a journal of my ocd because only my doctor and a few other people knew about it at the time. I was terrified someone would find it so I hid that book and checked on itContinue reading “My Journal/Ocd”

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