What Is OCD?

This is a re-post. I wrote it when I first started this blog. Since I am a long time sufferer of ocd, it was extremely important for me to write this and show people what ocd is really like. This post was meant to educate and spread awareness. Since May is mental health awareness monthContinue reading “What Is OCD?”

What Is OCD?

Re-Post I wrote this a while back but wanted to share it again.. First off, I am not a medical professional.  What you are reading is what I have either personally researched or have personally gone through. I decided to write about this because I recently relized that not many people know what OCD is. Also, IContinue reading “What Is OCD?”

My Journal/Ocd

Repost worth sharing again. I came across a journal I wrote years ago. I remember being very hesitant keeping a journal of my ocd because only my doctor and a few other people knew about it at the time. I was terrified someone would find it so I hid that book and checked on itContinue reading “My Journal/Ocd”

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