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Hello/Weekly Smile

Hello and good morning to everyone. I woke up to the sound of rain, a wonderful surprise. On the rare chance we actually get rain here it always seems to happen during the midnight hours, when I am sound asleep and can’t enjoy it. My week was actually pretty good. My ocd thoughts were veryContinue reading “Hello/Weekly Smile”


Weekly Smile and A Frozen Cupcake

Hello everyone hope your Monday morning is going smoothly. We have had some really warm weather this summer, but the past two days has been cloudy with a few sprinkles. I am really hoping for a down pour today because we really need it. Plus I love the rain. Yesterday I was at my parentsContinue reading “Weekly Smile and A Frozen Cupcake”

Checkin In/Weekly Smile

Hello again hope all is well in your part of the world. It’s that time again when I participate in Trent’s Weekly Smile . Head on over to Trent’s page for all the info. How is everyone’s week going? Mine has been filled with hotness. Not the hotness that I want though, I’m talking aboutContinue reading “Checkin In/Weekly Smile”

Share Your World

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. I am once again joining in on Melanie’s Share Your World. Head over there for the rules, how to join in on the fun, and to read the answers from other bloggers. And now for the questions and my answers….. 1.  Do you have family photographs on displayContinue reading “Share Your World”

Weekly Check-In/Weekly Smile

Good morning everyone, I hope your week has been wonderful. As for mine, well, here is my weekly check-In. Actually, let me take you back to what led up to my week. About 8 months ago, I had a routine physical with my doctor.  Everything was going fine until she mentioned that she wanted meContinue reading “Weekly Check-In/Weekly Smile”

Weekly Smile/ Check-In

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your day. We are having some cooler weather, which is great news for me. Last week the temperatures were a little warm, I am going to enjoy the cooler days now because I know hotter days are just around the corner. I have myContinue reading “Weekly Smile/ Check-In”

Checking In

Just checking in and saying hello on this beautiful Monday. How’s everyone doing today? Hope your weekend went by smoothly, safely, and stress-free. We are having some pretty nice weather here in California. I actually went out and enjoyed some of that sunshine for a bit. Didn’t stay out long but a little is betterContinue reading “Checking In”