Kids And Mental Illness

I wrote this a while back and since it is mental health awareness month I wanted to share it again. Not only adults, but children also suffer from mental illness. It can happen at any age.  As a parent/guardian it’s your responsibility to talk to your child. Even if you don’t think your child hasContinue reading “Kids And Mental Illness”

Mental Health

I have had ocd since I was around 13, I am now 51. The doctor actually diagnosed me with severe ocd. Severe sounds so severe. But it doesn’t stop there, I also have horrible panic attacks and anxiety. Living with these mental illnesses is not easy. My mind is never quiet. It is always thinking,Continue reading “Mental Health”

Happy Easter/Checking-In

Good afternoon blogging friends and Happy Easter! Its time for my weekly check-in. Things have been rather mellow and productive this week. I can honestly say its been an enjoyable week. It’s not very often I can put “mellow” and “productive” in the same sentence, and then to have “enjoyable” in with it, well thatContinue reading “Happy Easter/Checking-In”

Saying Hello/Panic Attack

In yesterday’s post Checking In, I shared about reaching a goal and not letting my anxiety interfere with my sons birthday plans. I was feeling good, actually quite proud of myself for pushing myself and the thoughts aside so I could continue on with my drive. I felt wonderful.  The whole week felt amazingly satisfying.Continue reading “Saying Hello/Panic Attack”

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