Child Health, And The Classroom

Hello everyone hope your week has been an enjoyable one.

I recently wrote about children and mental illness. Some of you may have children in school and may or may not know how to advocate for your child or might not know how to start the process.

Below is an informational article that can help you when meeting with your child’s school to address your concerns and answer questions you may have. Also if your unfamiliar with a 504 plan, you will find some very useful information here as well. Just thought I would pass this on to help educate a little more. This information was from the International Ocd Foundation website. You will also find a lot of great resources on their website.

I found this to be extremely helpful and I hope it is for you as well. These are just suggestions, I am not licensed with the schools therefore I am only making suggestions based off of personal experience or the International Ocd Foundations web page, which I personally trust. It’s up to you to further investigate and decide for yourself. Click below for more details.

And please remember, if you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness please Reach Out, Speak Up, And Ask For Help . Nobody should go through it alone.

Together we can spread awareness.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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