This morning I got woken up by my pre-teen son, he was yelling at me.  Not yelling to be rude or disrespectful, he was yelling to wake me up.

I was doing it again. I was screaming in my sleep. I was, once again having another nightmare. Not just any ordinary nightmare either.  I have the kind that can wake up the neighbors.

Here’s the thing. I have different types of dreams. I have regular ones that cause me to talk or mumble in my sleep. I have nightmares that cause me to yell in my sleep. And then, I have night terrors, which cause me to scream in my sleep. From what I have been told, it sounds like I’m being tortured.

Apparently, I scream so loud that my roommate in the next room, or sometimes my son, hears me, and runs into my bedroom to wake me up. Sometimes this happens several times a night. Yes, several times. But I have always been known to go many months, even almost a year, without having any at all.

I have no idea why this happens.  But I do know it started after my husband died, over 20 years ago. Don’t think it is related to his passing, but who knows.

I don’t remember all of my dreams, but when I do remember they don’t sound scary when I talk about it. For instance, in my last dream, I was trying to get home but the more I tried the further away I was from my house. I kept looking and looking but I couldn’t find my house. It doesn’t sound to scary but I was told I screamed so loud they were surprised the neighbors didn’t come check on me.

Sometimes I wonder, since most of the dreams don’t sound scary, am I only remembering parts of the dream? Am I blocking out the scary stuff?

It’s very embarrassing.  I have been doing this for years. I remember when my adult sons were little, they would wake me up because my yelling would wake them up. It scared them at first but they said they eventually got use to it.

Another time, many years ago, back when I was in my addiction, I spent the night in jail. The next morning while at breakfast, I heard some of the inmates talking. They were talking about “A crazy woman” screaming in her sleep. As they talked, more and more inmates joined the conversation saying they had heard it to. Some said the screams woke them from their sleep. Others said they thought someone was being badly beaten. They looked at me and asked if I heard it. I told them I hadn’t and kept eating my breakfast. I think they knew it was me and wanted to see if I would confess to it.  But I wasn’t about to admit to that and be known as the crazy woman in jail. I was hoping it wouldn’t happen again while I was there and luckily it didn’t. (In case your wondering, I was there for 2 days, on a misdemeanor charge that was later dismissed.)

These nightmares come at random times and it doesn’t matter if I had a good day or bad day. I have nightmares even if I fall asleep in a good mood. I also can have several of these nightmares within the same night. But the good news is that it doesn’t happen every night. Yay me!

It’s something I have gotten used to over the years.  I haven’t talked to my doctor about it because its been happening for so many years  I really doubt there’s anything they can do except prescribe medication which I really don’t want, or refer me to counseling, which I already am in.

So, there it is, another “detail” of my life I thought I would share. How many “details” is this now? OCD, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, And Addiction. Wow no wonder I’m not married. (I say jokingly)

So in closing, please remember:  You never truly know what someone is going through.  They can be smiling on the outside but dealing with “details ” on the inside.

Have any of you experienced night terrors and if so have you discussed it with your doctor? Would really like to hear about it.  You can leave a message in the comments or if you rather email me thats fine too.

Have a wonderful day

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Just learning how to enjoy life with ocd. My mental health has been interfering with my daily activities for far to long and now that Im 50 its about time I start enjoying life and taking chances.

33 thoughts on “Nightmares/Terrors

  1. My wife has nightmares that escalate and as they do, her verbal distress does too. I wake up so quickly now and shake her our of her dream that it never gets beyond a mid volumn mumble any more. Unfortunately, she remembers her dream. Clearly a blog post is needed about your stint in the joint.

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    1. I am actually glad that I don’t remember my dreams. Humm never really thought about writing about my jail time…..I think I might just do that. πŸ€”πŸ˜


  2. Hey, my father has them at times. Just, at times. I feel he has them only after he had a bad or stressed day at work. I’m not sure. And also, he doesn’t remember his dreams too. But yeah, he screams, as if he is calling for help for raising an alarm. Thanks for this, I now know he isn’t alone πŸ™‚

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    1. Im actually glad you commented. Seems like most people that have this do remember their dreams. Sorry your dad goes has it but it helps me to know that I’m not the only one that doesn’t remember the dreams.

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  3. My granddaughter – who is now grown up – had nightmares when she was little. We would hold her and she would cry or scream for a long, long time. Finally she would wake up and she could not remember what the nightmare but she would be shaking. By the time she was a teenager, they had thankfully passed. My husband who is 81 says as a kid he would have nightmares and wake up scared. He said he would see vivid, bright colors. By 10 or 11 they passed. So sorry that you still struggle with this. Prayers for you.

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    1. Thank you 😊 (my name is Christina 😁) I am glad it’s not an every night thing, at least I get a little break from the nightmares. I guess that’s something I should be happy about lol

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      1. Im a little confused. Which is your blog page? There is one that shows you haven’t posted in over a year and another one that I think is yours but your picture is different. Can you send me a link to the correct one? 😁

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  4. Climber is the one I first seen and when I typed in “I will not be my mental health ” it showed someone else’s blog. Maybe I typed it in wrong. Anyway thanks for the link, I now have the correct one. 😁😁


  5. Off and on since a child. It’s something that runs in our family. I’m not the only one who has had them or sleep walking. I don’t sleep walk though, but my uncle did as a child. I would talk in my sleep. I usually don’t share my dreams. I have shared some with my husband and one I shared on a post. People do tend to accuse others of being crazy when they share too much.
    As a child my father started leaving a light on for me when he discovered I was having very unusual dreams. Maybe people who are creative or artsy take that to sleep too, maybe their brain never shuts down from being creative. Who knows. During times of stress night terrors do seem to increase. I haven’t had a bad dream for about three years now. The last two I had were pretty creepy though. I only shared them with my husband.
    I don’t yell out though and never have. Just wake up remembering the whole weird dream. I still remember dreams from years ago. I will keep you in my prayers. If a dream is pretty intense I usually say the Lord’s prayer to calm myself. My son and daughter have vivid dreams too. They share them with me and yep…just as creepy as their old mom here. Some are silly though and we all have fun laughing at their strangeness trying to interpret what that was all about.


    1. I only remember some of them but they aren’t scary, which makes no sense became I scream like they are. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t remember most of them. Thank you for the prayers πŸ™‚

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  6. I get weird dreams when im stressed. Things like I lose my 6-year-old son and while im looking for him, suddenly im in the woods with talking animals and I find him hiking with my mom and dad. I forgot the rest of the dream but I usually wake up confused about these. I know nothing like a night terror. I can’t imagine what going through that is like, and it definitely has something to do with ur husband’s passing.

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  7. It sucks im sure! First of all, sleep is a precious thing! I can imagine you might sometimes feel anxious about sleeping just because of it.

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    1. Not to much because I usually don’t remember what I’m dreaming about. But if I stay at a friends or if I have a guest at my house, I do worry about freaking them out haha

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  8. I’ve had parasomnias since I was little. I’ve slept walked into doors (ouch), chucked things halfway across the room, had full blown conversations with my partner and I have no recollection of any of it because I’m still asleep! I stop breathing in my sleep sometimes and I’ve been told by medical professionals it’s not sleep apnoea, it’s a psychological thing, essentially a sleep panic attack. The meds I’m taking to manage my OCD cause some very intense and distressing nightmares and so I do often shout out in my sleep, call for my family members or shout out that I’m sorry. And then wonder why I’m tired the next day 🀣. My consultant told me the only way to reduce the parasomnias etc. is to try and relax before bed, so I have a nighttime routine of prayer, reading, a herbal tea and a warm bath. A nurse also told me that I get anxious about going to sleep because I’m worried of what will happen, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because then I’m anxious during my sleep and it all kicks off again. It is rubbish, but I find relaxation techniques before bed do help, it’s just about finding what works for you! πŸ™‚

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