Things I Think About

I wonder if…..

Do you ever just sit and wonder about people? Wonder what goes on in their lives? What goes on in their head? What are they thinking? Are they worried? Scared? Nervous? Or are they excited and happy? I know it may seem a little strange, but I am guilty of this. Very very guilty. I always find myself wondering what it’s like in someone else’s mind.

Whether it be someone I know, or complete strangers, I wonder if they are experiencing the same things as I do?


The couple walking their dog in the neighborhood, do they count silently in their heads? Or maybe they are repeating verses quietly with each step they take without the other one even knowing? Is she looking at him wondering if his head is “normal”? Is he thinking the same thing of her?


The man playing ball with his child, or the woman playing in the sandbox with her toddler, are their brains telling them if they don’t do this or don’t do that, then this or that might happen?  Are they secretly worried of the “what if’s”?


The man that was driving behind me, was he terrified that he just hit someone even though he didn’t see anyone? He didn’t feel anything hit his car, but did he turn around anyway just to make sure? Even though he made sure, does he still think he hit someone?


The young woman that lives around the corner with her parents, is she scared to leave her house? Is she worried she will leave and not make it back? Does she stay home because she thinks home is the only place she is safe?


Could it possibly be that I am the only one that wonders these things? Am I the only one that has experienced some of these things?  Is it possible there is nothing scary or questionable going on in anyone’s mind but my own? Are their thoughts normal? What is normal?


Is everyone “normal” except for me?


Is it quite in people’s head? Complete silence? No congestion, no noise, no worries, no stress, and no thoughts? Is it just SILENT?

I have been jealous, angry, and confused.  Why does that person have good health, a normal life, and most of all a normal brain?

I have thought about this things so many times I lost count. I have asked myself these questions numerous times. This is what I finally came up.

We don’t know what others are going through. We don’t know if it’s good or bad. We can’t assume someone has a perfect life just because they look happy. They might be good at hiding it. They put on a smile and go about their day.

They could be worried about a cheating spouse, a health concern, an addiction thats out of control, a very important decision that needs to be made. They might be hurting physically. And it is possible they might be suffering silently with a mental illness.

We don’t know what somebody else is going through. They may seem happy and full of life, while deep down they are hurting.

So we can’t compare ourselves.  Don’t wonder what is going on in their life, in their brain. It will not solve your problems and it won’t solve mine.

Appreciate your life. Appreciate LIFE. There are plenty of things to appreciate and plenty to be grateful for. 

We need to work and focus on our own issues and find ways to improve our situations. Lets work on ways to find our happiness and most of all lets learn to love ourselves.

Have a spectacular week and start writing things you are grateful for. I started doing this and I find it very helpful. Today I am grateful for Life.

I also want to say a special thanks to my mom. Thank you for pointing out that sometimes things are not what it seems, nobody is perfect, appreciate what you have rather than what you don’t have. Very good things to remember. ❤

If you or someone you know is struggling, Speak Up, Reach Out, And Ask For Help. Nobody should go through it alone.



6 thoughts on “Things I Think About

  1. I often wonder about people and the things I see them doing. You spoke a great truth when you said, “We don’t know what somebody else is going through.” If we knew I think we’d be more grateful for our own lives and hopefully more compassionate toward those around us.

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  3. When I walk past a cafe and see a couple staring into the eyes of each other, I wonder what they talk about. I wonder if they talk with the ease of friends or do they flirt all the time.

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